About Us

We all know that South Africa’s roads are a bit of a danger zone. Each day we are faced with numerous car accident reports on the radio and ‘spiedkops’ checking on our driving speed from behind the bushes. Queuing for license disks are a major hassle and we also know the fear of driving into one of the many road blocks. The cherry on top is navigating our way through, around, or passed treacherous potholes.
On the other hand, in Germany:
Their roads are built and maintained to such a high standard that the German word for pothole is hardly ever used! More people die from choking on a hotdog than in road accidents! True story. The average person gets a traffic fine every two years, compared to our South African average of every 2 months! Road Protect combines German precision and professionalism with South African people and passion to provide unique solutions to South African road incidents – we call it where ‘Wunderbar’ meets ‘Lekker’.

Road Protect – Relief , Recoveries, Representation.