Fines Protect

Reduce and pay Traffic Fines with Fines Protect

Our traffic law enforcers in South Africa are a hard working bunch and the proof of that is that we receive, on average, a traffic fine every two months! We know we’re not supposed to speed. We know we’re not supposed to break the traffic laws. But every now and then it happens. To ensure that you’re never in trouble at a road block, Fines Protect was established to provide a unique service that alerts you to any new traffic fines and provides an easy and painless facility to settle these, at a guaranteed reduced rate!

Fines Protect provides:

  1. Relief - no queues or administrative nightmares in dealing with Traffic Department. Our secure fines payment facility ensures you receive proof of settlement and peace of mind that your name is clear!
  2. Recoveries - 100% of all discounts or reductions are passed back to you, the member.
  3. Representation - Our expert team provide full legal and administrative support and representation for all matters related to traffic fines.

For the duration of the claim, you receive:

  1. An efficient traffic fines monitoring and notification system;
  2. Full legal assistance to ensure fines are legitimate and legal;
  3. An easy, no fuss, secure fines payment facility;
  4. Proof of fines settlement and peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises at future road blocks;
  5. Reduced traffic fines.

* Terms and conditions apply