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The main driver behind this campaign, Michelle van Niekerk, explains more “Road Protect has always had a passion for caring and giving back and this year we decided to be more specific in our aim to care for the community.

The streets of Springs are cold and in May (with winter approaching) we decided that our mission was going to be to bring WARMTH. The teams were magnificent in collecting and bringing warm winter jackets, preparing soup and helping with the arrangements and planning. We met so many different folks that night and what really stood out for me (and completely took me by surprise!) was the upbeat, positive spirit of these people, despite their gloomy circumstances. They embraced our assistance and even more so our conversations.

Lesson learned –We all have a story to tell…we just need someone to listen….
When checking in with the troops afterwards I heard some wonderful stories. One of Eileen taking the shoes and socks off her feet to give to a man who stood barefoot in the cold, one of Liza and her husband helping a family of 3 with not only a job, but a permanent shelter to stay in!

Another group told me about a man’s words when he saw them stop and get out the car with food and a warm jacket: ‘Here comes our angels’.

The experience was life changing to say the least. None of us slept comfortably in our warm beds that night thinking of all the less fortunate people out there but it did bring a lot of comfort and joy knowing we can ALL make a difference, however big or small…one day at a time.

We’ve been blessed in abundance and look forward to the next opportunity to give back!”


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