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One of our main philosophies is getting the right people onto our Road Protect bus and then we also have a proud track record of keeping these awesome people on the team (with one of the lowest staff turnovers in the industry).

We want to proudly showcase our talented people, and here is a quick interview with our Pothole claims expert, Dineo Mashao:

Reporter: Dineo, you have been working for Road Protect for over 5 years now, what do you love about the company?
Dineo: I love the warmth and the friendliness of the people I work with. We have a relaxed environment with a healthy balance between working hard and also having fun. For me personally it brings me great joy every time I get to call a client to inform them that we have successfully recovered the money they had to spend on tyre damages cause by potholes.
Reporter: You are known in the team as the “Pothole Queen!” Tell us what is your secret to success in getting money back for your clients who suffer pothole damages to their wheels & tyres?
Dineo: Building a good relationship with the Road Agencies, being consistent and working smart. We at Road Protect fight for what’s right and what is entitled to our clients.
Reporter: Any final tips for clients that may want to claim?
Dineo: Clients should make sure they have full details of the incident and take photos as the road. This will make their case stronger.

If you’d like to get in touch with us to get more detail on our products and services or would like to share any client experiences with us, we’d love to hear from you, and you can contact us on feedback@roadprotect.co.za or 0861 001 008

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